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"Where is Joann?" is a retro exploration 3D game through an other worldly labyrinth with sword swinging, bomb throwing, boss battling, and treasure finding.

This game is still in development, but there's a lot of content to play through. Including 2 full boss battles. So, please enjoy!


Thrust into a strange other-worldly labyrinth full of curious characters, fierce creatures, and fantastic secrets, Joann and Garrett must search the magic labyrinths, find each other, and find their way home.

Chapter 1:

Garrett discovers a wormhole in the apartment and jumps through to find Joann. This causes him to be at the foot of a castle labyrinth. He traverses through the first floor of the castle taking on Count Ignis Caelum Draco's challenge to find Joann.

Chapter 2:

Joann wakes up after falling through a vortex in her closet. She searches for her way down the tower.

Chapter 3:

Joann and Garrett find each other and join forces to defeat Count Ignis Caelum Draco.


First-Person Story Exploration meets Action RPG Adventure.

WASD - To Move Left-Click - Interact/Pick Up Objects/Attack Right-Click - Throw Bombs


The full vision for Chapter 1 of this game is to have 4 separate worlds, each with its own gimmicks, themes, and boss fights with one final boss room as a finale for the chapter.

This game is still in development so this paid version is early access. Regardless, this version has lots of content that matches the current price. The price will go up as content is added.

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There are several items Joann and/or Garrett will discover to navigate the labyrinth.

MAGIC SWORD Use to Cut Down Bushes and Defend yourself. +1 Damage

MAGIC SHOTS Use to Charge Your Sword and Release a Magic-Shot. +3 Damage

BLUE CANDLE Used in Dark Situations.

BOMBS Use to Explode Things. +4 Damage

SHRINK/GROW POTIONS Use to Shrink to the Size of a Raccoon (12 in.) or Grow to Normal Size.


GOLD/SILVER KEYS Unlock Gold or Silver Chests.

MASTER KEYS Relics of Unknowable Power. Used to Unlock Doors to Other Worlds.

GEMS The Currency of the Labyrinth. Use Them to Buy Items From Traders. Green Gems +1g Red Gems +2g Blue Gems +3g Yellow Gems +5g


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Where_is_Joann_0.1.0_Windows.zip 972 MB
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Where_is_Joann_0.1.0_Mac.app.zip 976 MB
Where_is_Joann_0.1.0_Linux.zip 981 MB
Where_is_Joann_0.1.0_Windows_Demo.zip 972 MB
Where_is_Joann_0.1.0_Windows64_Demo.zip 974 MB
Where_is_Joann_0.1.0_Mac_Demo.app.zip 976 MB
Where_is_Joann_0.1.0_Linux_Demo.app.zip 981 MB

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