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Item #: SCP-1437

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1437 is to be contained behind a perimeter of two (2) meter tall electrical fencing, which is to be patrolled by groups of three (3) security officers at all times. Any trespassers attempting to access SCP-1437 are to be brought into custody, interrogated, and if found to be ignorant of SCP-1437's nature, dosed with a Class-A amnestic and released.

Any items or organisms which emerge from SCP-1437 are to be immediately tested for hazards, and if found safe, examined further. Experimentation involving SCP-1437 is strictly forbidden.

Description: SCP-1437 is an apparently endless hole measuring 3m x 3m, located in the ██████ Desert. Attempts to dig into SCP-1437 from the side result in the diggers encountering solid rock where logic would dictate SCP-1437 would be. SCP-1437 is thus only accessible from its entrance above ground.

SCP-1437 appears to be an access point to an as-of-yet unknown number of parallel universes. Objects have been known to periodically emerge from SCP-1437 at great speeds, including:

  • One (1) US quarter. (First known object emergence.)
  • Large quantities of dirt and rocks. (Believed to be an attempt by a parallel containment team to fill in their corresponding SCP-1437.)
  • A map of North America written in Spanish. (According to said map, the government of North America is "La República Popular de Aguas Nuevas", or "The People's Republic of New Waters".)
  • A photograph of a skyline, believed to be a radically altered version of New York's. (Structures resembling coral are visible and a large flying organism can be seen in the distance.)
  • Several disks made from solid gold. (Accompanying the disks was a sheet of paper reading 'PLEASE SEND RAIN'.)

During a period lasting from 200█-20██, numerous individuals, most of whom wore D-class uniforms, emerged from SCP-1437; all of them were dead on arrival.1 All emerging individuals carried documents which appear to be their respective universes' documentation on SCP-1437. It is currently believed that these D-class personnel and previously mentioned documentation were sent as a gesture of desired cooperation.

Source & More Depth: http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-1437


WASD to Move

Mouse to Look

Left-Click or E to Interact

SPACE to Jump

Hold Left-Shift to Sprint


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TagsEscape Game, Experimental, Exploration, First-Person, Horror, scp, Short, Singleplayer, Unity


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That was fun, I was looking for a good puzzle/escape style game and this was such a neat twist on it. I had some graphical weirdness going on where the wall textures were just black a lot, but that could have been my settings. 

A little tip in case anyone doesn't realize, like I didn't at first: you can sprint while falling to zoom in the direction you want to go

Thank you! Super happy to hear feedback. Glad you liked the puzzle/escapey bits of the game. It was the only way to make it a 'game' rather than a 'falling-simulator'. I was content with this project when I finished it a while back. I just haven't had the itch to make another SCP game since this one. 

Hey, great and unique game! It took me a little while to figure it out and then beat it, but the music was so relaxing that it made the effort enjoyable. Once I was far enough along I refused to quit. The graphics were beautiful and the items in the hold made me wonder what might have happened down there. Challenging but worth it, thanks for creating :)

(1 edit) (+1)

The acceleration seems to go to warp speed if you fall long enough, I caught myself just staring at the almost psychedelic visions the game became after a while and forgetting that I was supposed to land and explore too.

The one bad thing about the game is that the light on the tunnel walls seem to be a bit glitchy, sometimes going completely black for no apparent reason.


I did forget to tone down most of the textures when I when I last worked on that one. Once again, that's what happens when you rush to finish games. Glad ya liked the free fall thing. It was really challenging to line up all of the objects. Especially the house.


Yeah it was super cool when you notice that those small holes you fly through are narrow enough that when you stand on the houses you gotta attempt to fall through to do so. "You can just walk over it!?"

Also, while I never got stuck and thus never really needed it, I very much liked the way you implemented the hint system and how you can hear a faint echo of it throughout the tunnel.


Hi there, recently played your game in my 6 SCP FAN GAMES video. I really loved it! So much so that I had to complete it lol.


God love the game I hope this game gets some updates god job!

me: looks down: the lag: sfhusfsdfhafadfawfqawedghayuwsdsayhdsau

The people in the Emerged Documentation 1437-3 is dum as a piece of shit, if they know what shit is LOL

is this 32 bit conpatible

Deleted 2 years ago

Really well made! Loved the atmosphere and the overall tone of the game. The puzzles were coherent and well put together too!

Overall great experience.


Hum, it is good vision about SCP-1437, thanks for have been created and shared it with us. Sorry my english. I done a brazilian portuguese video. Here it goes:

Deleted 3 years ago

Great Update, I really liked the much darker atmosphere and the addiotion of the flashlight. I would however whish it was a little more narrow but could ligth up things farther away. I love the addition of "The Creep", the fact that he is more than one place makes it feel like he is after you, and makes you watch your shoulder every once in a while. I think he could be a very valuable asset in future updates. I see that you have slowed the music (may just be my imagination), but it still seems a bit too lively to create tension. Something more mysterious, echoing, aerie or perhaps even epic would really do the trick. I think the icing on the cake would be at least one chase sequence (I HATE THESE SO MUCH; WHICH IS WHY I LOVE THEM :D). And last but not least, I need some poo poo in the D-class toilet-bucket! For emersion of course ;). Anyway, glad to see that you care about feedback, but remeber, this is your game and your choice. I'll enjoy it none the less :). Good job!  


Fun game, I thought the progression and the discovery of items as you travelled through the hole was really well paced, which works to prevent the looped trips from feeling stale. I also appreciate that the horror elements were more psychological horror than just jumpscares, but I would've liked to see more horror elements. Overall, a great experience, I can't wait to see what you do in the future.


Fantastic game, 5/5, think it would work even better with more horror elemenst and darker and scarier music :)

Deleted 3 years ago