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Alien Life Lab

Capture Aliens and Try to Stay Alive. Procedurally Generated Levels. · By Devy_Games


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Steam Page is Ready For Wishlisting!
Wishlist on Steam to be notified in a year from now when the new version is complete! This major updat...
Alien Life Lab DeVlog 11 || New Environment Asset
I open and tour a new birthday present. A new sci-fi environment asset! You can get this environment too for your Unity projects! Here: https://assetstore.unity...
Planned Full Complete Game Release Date?
Not just a demo. Not a chapter. A full game. I'm setting a deadline for myself. The game will be completely improved and scaled up to be one big amazing thrill...
Continuing Progress 4 || Revisiting Mech and More 3rdPerson Controls
I revisited the Mech and Habitat Enclosure scenes today. Immediately, the project gave me so many bugs and issues. The controls for the Mech did not even move...
Continuing Progress 3 || Added a Player Character...
Finally, added a model for the actual main character of the game. When he was first acquired he had a red look to his suit so I changed him to look more like a...
Continuing Progress 2 || The Lobby
Building the Lobby portion of the game. Each of the moving characters has an AI script that randomly generates where they want to go next. It's like watching a...
Continuing Progress 1
I'll post a picture or two every now and then as progress is being made towards the final version of the game. It's going to be much bigger than the early acces...
What Next?
This Game Started Out Looking Like This: When this project started, it was just a simple idea. I knew that I wanted to make a SciFi project. I knew that I wante...